The information and publishing industry is about to explode with a whole new crop of celebrity experts turning their knowledge into millions. Will one of them be you?

"If You Can 'Download' Your Expertise
To Others, You, Too, Can Enjoy the
Fame and Fortune That Comes From
Packaging and Selling What You Know"

After 16 Years Spent Generating Millions for Big-Name Experts Like
Jay Abraham, Chicken Soup for the Soul
®, Yanik Silver,
Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, David Bach and Others.

This “Unknown” Behind-the-Scenes Strategist Has Agreed to Reveal the Proven,
Field-Tested Strategies You, Too, Could Use to Become the Leading Expert in
Your Market Niche – Earning a Fortune from Information Products –
Regardless of Your Skill Level or Area of Expertise.

“I Urge You to Close the Door, Turn Off
the Phone and Take the Time NOW to Read
Every Word of This Incredible Letter.”

In it, you'll discover how the woman behind many of the biggest-name celebrity experts on Earth can help you:

  • Become the leading expert in your field by turning your unique industry expertise into information products, then selling it to fellow practitioners and business owners who'll pay thousands of dollars a month to access your wisdom.

  • Develop super-lucrative profit centers like subscription consulting programs, high-priced seminars, mentorship programs, certification trainings, continuity programs and more — charging fees from $4,995 to $25,000 per person.

  • Follow in the footsteps of the world's smartest authors who write their books last — after they've already built their empire.

  • Earn more than $1 million in just 42 weeks and become the world leader in your field. (This letter details the
    entire strategy!)

  • Get newsletter editors, publishers, business owners and others of influence to endorse you to their high-paying subscribers and clients — even getting your competitors to send you all the business you can handle... with their blessing!

  • Find markets that desperately need your expertise — and earn thousands by delivering it to them.

... Plus so much more!

Would Achieving All This and Enjoying the
Respect and Admiration of Your Industry Interest You?

If so, you're about to discover the exact system this empire-building maverick developed for the world's most renowned success gurus, the most revered business growth experts, the most applauded professional speakers and the most respected Internet marketing geniuses – some of whom didn't even have a thriving info-business until she convinced them to package up what they know.

All I ask is that you read her letter, and I promise you she'll reveal how to create insane profits from 52 different kinds of profit centers, bringing thousands of eager buyers into your universe and turning them into perpetual, cash-paying fanatics.

From the Desk of Janet Switzer

Thousand Oaks, California
Tuesday, 4:46 p.m.

Dear Friend,

I have an amazing story to share with you about changes that are happening right now in the publishing and training field.

It's a story that affects what you'll be reading, who you'll be listening to and how you'll be accessing information in the near future.

It's also a story that affects you directly since it's likely that soon – if you're prepared -- you, too, will be able to join the rising tide of new celebrity experts who will explode onto the publishing scene in the next 18 months.

Just how do I know this and why am I writing to you?

Until recently, I was a virtual “unknown.” Nobody but my closest colleagues and famous clients knew who I was or what I had done. And even though I had helped earn millions of dollars turning obscure consultants into some of the most famous people alive, you wouldn't have been able to hire me -- or even find me.

I wasn't on the Internet. My phone number was unlisted. I didn't print business cards or attempt to become “known” in any way.

I didn't need to. Because month after month I was booked solid applying my proven, time-tested systems for turning expertise of any kind into ongoing streams of income.

My fees are astronomical – thousands of dollars per project or, in many cases, 15% to 50% of the gross revenues my marketing systems create.

I don't say all this to brag, but merely to demonstrate what it's been worth to these celebrity experts to have someone like me build robust and burgeoning information-based profit centers for them.

Look, can I be absolutely honest with you?

The revenue these experts rake in is staggering. Millions of dollars flow into their coffers every year from selling books, audio sets, seminars, coaching and other intellectual properties. And the margins are even more astounding. 70%... 85%... even 90% profits in some cases.

But now the time is ripe for a whole new crop of emerging experts to start making millions in all sorts of market niches. Business. Self-help. Network marketing. Sales training. Spiritual growth. Practice management. Nutrition and wellness. Investing. Education. You name it.

The truth is, a whole new crop of experts will soon be emerging and the good news is that this time around these experts won't have to spend a decade or more sitting on industry committees, writing articles or collecting Ph.D.'s.

They'll easily catapult to fame and fortune as a leading expert in their field without all this effort because – this time around – it will all be done through marketing.

Why am I so sure?

Because over the last 25 years, I've been using 28 separate marketing systems to not only create the products buyers already want to spend money on, but to skyrocket the name and reputation of the most obscure “experts” imaginable.

Of Course, I Wasn't Always This Proficient. In Fact, 16 Years Ago
I Was Just Beginning to Develop These Empire-Building Systems.

Sixteen years ago, I was the Product Marketing Manager for the top-selling tax preparation software in America. You've probably heard of TurboTax. Well, back then, the forerunner to TurboTax on the Macintosh platform was called MacInTax – my primary product line. I sold tens of thousands of copies for my employer. And that was long before the Internet became popular.

Back then, I did everything offline. Display ads. Catalog deals. Direct mail. Press campaigns.

Then, one day I met a man you've probably heard of -- America's
highest paid marketing consultant... Jay Abraham.

Jay quickly hired me to develop his curriculum materials and coordinate the marketing programming for his expensive seminars and high-priced educational products. One of the first projects I worked on was a $5,000 weekend boot camp where a handful of speakers strategized marketing plans for a small contingent of attending business owners. The next project I coordinated was a $15,000 Protégé-Mentor Program where Jay taught others to be contingency-based marketing consultants just like him. We trained an astounding 987 people over just nine months' time.

Wow, those were the days. Cash flow, joint venture deals, and spin-off projects were flowing like the Hudson River.

But can I tell you something?

Back then, I was just a bright, young 25-year-old. I couldn't believe that anyone would pay $5,000 for a weekend seminar, let alone $15,000 for a coaching program – but the good news for you is that I did work on those programs, and I discovered there are absolute systems for not only developing these high-priced products – but also for selling them to a hungry marketplace anxious to access what you have to offer.

I learned how to offer products priced from $49 all the way up to $25,000 – and still have people coming back for more.

What It's Like to Build an Empire

When I started with Jay's company, he had two main products and a handful of special reports. By the time I left four years later, I had built a publishing division of 327 training products selling around the world.

I contracted for outside fulfillment, had a team of commission-only sales reps doing outbound telemarketing, negotiated countless joint venture deals, and relentlessly sold products via numerous channels – all using the direct-response marketing systems I had honed and perfected while working for Jay.

Every time Jay marketed a new seminar, for instance, I'd create the workbook and reference materials, then package the recordings into an expensive new home-study course.

In another example, I took a collection of telephone consultations Jay had done and turned them into special reports for individual industries – selling them individually for almost as much as the complete collection had cost.

In yet another example, I negotiated to sell other people's products in our catalog – one of which was amongst our biggest sellers.

Along the way, I located unique distributors for Jay's products – getting other people to sell the products for me (including one deal that earned $21,000 in 14 days, yet took just an 8-minute phone call* to negotiate).

Those were the days. But little did I know that Jay Abraham's empire would actually be one of the more modest ones I would work on.

Soon, I Went From Marketing Boot Camps to Marketing Books...
Including One Called Chicken Soup for the Soul®

You know, fate is an amazing thing. Within months of leaving Jay's organization, I happened to be directing a photo shoot for a photographer friend and, while there, I met the president of Jack Canfield's organization.

If you don't know who Jack Canfield is, just pick up a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul® – the best-selling non-fiction book series of all time with more than 83 million copies sold in 37 languages worldwide.

Jack and his co-author Mark Victor Hansen were still selling Chicken Soup at the swap meet when I met them. But within 10 months, the book became a New York Times #1 bestseller and went on to top the bestseller lists in USA Today, Publisher's Weekly and dozens of other publications.

I remember my very first day as Jack's consultant – presenting him with a seven-page marketing plan I had written to turn Chicken Soup into a bestseller. At the time, Jack said, “If we just do everything Janet Switzer tells us to do, we'll be millionaires in less than a year.”

And while they did become millionaires, what's even more exciting were the millions extra they made off of spin-off products, TV shows, greeting cards and other licensing opportunities that emerged once Chicken Soup hit #1.

Not only did the books sell like crazy, but Jack and Mark's other products and programs sold, too. I remember the first strategy I ever implemented for one of Jack's speaking engagements.

It took about half a day of my time to execute, yet it earned him $31,000 in back-of-the-room sales at his very next speaking engagement. Another strategy I executed boosted Jack's seminar registrations from 15 people to more than 130 people in just six weeks – putting $105,000 in cash in Jack's bank account almost overnight.*

With marketing campaigns bringing in cash like crazy at Jack Canfield's office, other experts like Mark Victor Hansen “discovered” me and started paying big bucks to have me market their live trainings, keynote speeches, audio programs, multi-media systems and other products.

For years, Mark paid me to orchestrate the marketing that packed 500-700 people in his $995 speaking and writing seminars. (Just one paragraph I added to his brochure earned him an extra $59,250.)

I wrote his catalogs, developed his speaker's kit, marketed his Hawaiian retreat and on and on. In fact...

Working With the Best in the Business Has Helped Me
“Field Test” And Refine the Most Powerful
Info-Marketing Strategies Ever Known

Look, I don't know how or why I was blessed with the kind of skill-set that helps turn information into income, but I do know that through uncanny luck and some pretty nice referrals, I've ended up working for many of the best-known experts in the information industry.

This access has enabled me to execute some of the most profitable campaigns imaginable for some of the biggest celebrities in the world.

In fact, these big names actually became the “sharpening stone” for honing marketing systems that can now be used to sell products, programs, trainings and merchandise for virtually any emerging expert today.

Just what happens when I apply these finely-tuned, empire-building strategies?

Take Yanik Silver, for example. You may know him as one of the top Internet marketers of all time. But when Yanik first became a client, he was still selling e-books and audio courses priced from $29 to $297.

He wanted to make the jump to the “big time” and sell an expensive mentorship program for $15,000. So I advised him to create a unique apprenticeship program – instead of the typical mentorship program everyone else was offering.

Together we re-structured Yanik's promotional copy – and in one of the nicest messages I've ever received, Yanik emailed me two weeks later to say his $14,997 program was OVERSOLD by 68% !!

In other words, too many people signed up and sent him cash.

Or how about Laurie Beth Jones? You probably know her as the best-selling Christian author of Jesus CEO, The Path and Jesus in Blue Jeans.

But what you may not know is that Laurie also consults to major corporations and government agencies on value-centered management strategies. She wanted me to help her launch a program that would train others to do the same.

The result was Pathfinders – a train-the-trainer program where Laurie expanded the reach of her own message by training other people to deliver her expertise, giving them an income opportunity and creating a ongoing profit center for herself from sales of training workbooks, distance learning, speaking referrals and more.

Of course, what's so amazing about Laurie's example is how FEW experts are replicating themselves using this train-the-trainer model. Yet I design these programs for my clients all the time!

Want another example?

How about master motivational speaker Les Brown?

I gave Les an entire plan for doing one-day workshops in the real estate market and other niche industries. The first one we did together pulled in more than 500 professionals who spent thousands of dollars on products and training by the end of the day.

Or maybe you've heard of Cynthia Kersey.

Today, she's the bestselling author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women, and a popular international speaker. But when Cynthia called me a week before her very first big speaking engagement – to an audience of 3,000 – I exclaimed, “You can't sell just that book at the back of the room!”

Over just eight hours, I helped her create a mock-up of a brand new audio program– then crafted an appealing order form for her to hand out.

With just one sample product for display – in which the audio tapes were blank – Cynthia pre-sold $25,000 worth of product following her rousing keynote presentation.

That audio-cassette program, by the way, soon got Cynthia her own show on Home Shopping Network and even got her a contract with Nightingale-Conant, America's leading source for motivational audio products.

But what if you don't want to become famous? What if you just want to stay in the background and let someone else have the limelight?

That's profitable, too.

In fact, you can just as easily become an info-marketing consultant creating profit centers for high-paying clients like my next example...

A husband-and-wife team of alternative healthcare professionals approached me to help them boost attendance at their $177 workshop.

Virtually no one had heard of them before, so only 8 people had signed up for their seminar – even though the couple were teaching practitioners the same system they were using to earn a million dollars a year in their practice.

I immediately saw that the price they were charging was way too low! So I helped them turn their $177 workshop into a $5,000 weekend boot camp with six months of teleseminar follow-up. I launched the entire program with a one-hour teleseminar and just 90 days later...

72 people showed up at the very first boot camp!

I didn't like that sign-up rate too much, so I raised the price to $7,995 and another 68 people showed up at the next one.

Within months, I converted nearly 100 boot camp graduates into an ongoing subscription consulting program where practitioners paid $1,277 a month for ongoing advice, strategies, products and services. But here's what really catapulted this husband and wife to virtual overnight “stardom” in their industry...

No one else in their industry was charging fees like that! Yet this couple had practitioners worldwide paying them $1,277 month in and month out.

Maybe you have unique industry expertise or a successful business model, too.

If so, you could be charging your peers top dollar every month to “rent” your system and your expertise.

In fact, this example is so easy to replicate, it's a wonder more people aren't doing it. Especially when, through proven marketing systems, it's simply getting easier and easier to catapult yourself above every other “expert” in your industry – merely by offering information products that help your peers boost their business!

But what if you don't want to work with that many people? Or maybe you're not comfortable consulting to others and helping them grow a business.

Maybe you just want to be a famous author – or have audiences sitting on the edge of their seats to hear you deliver an opening keynote speech.

Or maybe you've secretly wanted to appear on Oprah Winfrey's television show.

That was a dream for David Bach. He's the New York Times #1 bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late Finish Rich. In fact, David called me one day for help with a promotion to his list of 15,000 newsletter subscribers.

He wanted to turn 100 of them into automatic millionaires via a teleseminar series – and needed help writing the promotional copy that would describe the program.

In just a few hours, I helped David craft a promotion that not only put hundreds of people into his teleseminar series, the series ultimately landed him an appearance on Oprah where he spent the entire show revealing his unique wealth-building process.

I've had a blast creating successful campaigns like these for clients like David, Jack, Les and others. But more importantly for you...

Do You See How Working With the World's Best-Known Experts
Has Given Me the Ability to Execute Profitable Marketing Strategies
More Often Than Virtually Any Other Info-Marketer Today?

It's given me the ability to work at the highest level – creating many of the biggest windfalls and many of the biggest failures imaginable.

Not only have I discovered what works – I've experienced what doesn't work. And I know what to steer you away from in the process of marketing your own expertise and info-products.

But let's talk about YOU for a moment.

The reason I've detailed all these “war stories” is not to brag – but to demonstrate the possibilities in store for YOU as an expert who sells information and knowledge in the form of books, audio CDs, coaching programs, newsletters, consulting packages and more.

In fact, I've developed a list of 52 different info-products and profit centers I routinely work with – all of which can make you wealthy and well-known beyond your wildest dreams. (You can read my list of 52 profit centers by clicking here.)

But more important than the 52 types of products, however, are the 28 marketing systems I've identified and tested over the last 16 years – almost all of which can be used to sell any one of the 52 products and programs.

In just a moment, I'll explain why I decided to detail these 28 systems in a unique “road map” designed specifically to launch you on the path to leading expert status with a robust selection of powerful, profitable info-products to sell. (If you'd like to purchase and download this 195-page masterwork right now, click here.)

It details the products you could be selling, which markets to pursue, how to posture yourself as the leading expert in fields where people already want to spend money and more. Then... from direct mail to joint ventures to syndicated columns and even charity tie-ins – plus 24 other field-tested marketing systems – this complete marketing plan goes one step further and teaches you everything you need to sell what you know to a hungry marketplace.

Exactly how do these 28 marketing systems work?

Well, it's important to remember that each one of these 28 marketing systems is really just a delivery system for the marketing message you intend to put out.

And whether your marketing message is “Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days” or “Earn 16% from Tax Lien Certificates” or “Help Your Sales Force Triple Their Income,” the marketing systems remain the same.

Whether you use these systems to reach stay-at-home moms, hardware store owners, corporate executives or college students, these systems are the only ones you need to effectively communicate your message to people who are looking to solve their problems or reach their goals.

Of course, it helps if you've already done the research to determine which markets are super- motivated. Here's why:

Somewhere Out There Is a Market Niche
That Desperately Needs What You Know...
And They're Willing to Pay Top-Dollar for It

Remember the subscription consulting program I developed for the husband-and-wife healthcare practitioners? What I didn't tell you is that the entire universe of possible prospects was just 8,000 people!

That's right. Only 8,000 professionals were even candidates for purchasing our expensive program. Yet the program still generated $1,018,729 in just 46 weeks.*

How? Because my client was selling something those practitioners desperately needed -- a practice-building program that was tailored specifically for their kind of business and that would help them survive and thrive at the work they loved to do.

Other markets are equally eager to solve their problems, learn better ways of doing business, take advantage of opportunities they weren't qualified to tackle before and on and on.

You can be the expert that provides that
“how-to” information to them.

Of course, business how-to information – that is, detailed systems for being successful at a specific business activity or at a specific type of business – is the #1 kind of information product people will buy today.

Think about it.

If there are 44,355 jewelry stores out there all scrambling for business from the same consumers, wouldn't they be interested in a training system that shows them exactly how to entice local jewelry buyers away from the competition? Or how about a system that shows them how to run their entire jewelry store better?

Let's say you know how to build jewelry stores from the ground up. You know how to buy inventory at rock-bottom prices. You know how to hire and train sales staff. You know how to advertise to bring in more customers. You know how to spin every holiday into a reason for husbands to buy jewelry for their wives.

Perhaps you've even “cracked the code” to how a small one-man jewelry store can offer attractive financing so customers can buy thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on payments.

You know it all. Yet how many jewelry stores out there are struggling because they don't know what you do? How many families are going to be harmed when the family jewelry store goes out of business? How easy would it be for you to “coach” these store owners on how to double, triple... even quadruple their business within a few short months?

Wouldn't a jewelry store owner want to have the complete system for dominating their local market and out-marketing every other jeweler in their home town?

With information products like these, not only can you help a lot of people... you can make tons of money. And jewelry store owners are just one example.

Want a few more examples?

How about independent hardware stores, pharmacies, coffee houses and others who are competing against The Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Starbucks and other mega-stores? Wouldn't THEY want to know how to survive and actually grow when that big-name competitor moves in down the street?

You can be the expert who provides this life-saving business how-to information to these folks.

Of course, if you're an expert in sales training, public relations, accounts receivable collections, Internet traffic or other “generic” how-to information, your market is even bigger because you're selling information that every business owner can use.

But don't discount the advantage you gain by selling detailed information and training specific to your niche market. Many experts are getting thousands upon thousands of dollars for these super-focused info-products.

Here's why: If a business owner can get just one new client or reactivate just one past customer using your system, that sale might be worth $3,000... $5,000... even $20,000 or more to that business owner. If your “system” is priced at $1,995, do you see how a business owner could easily recoup their entire investment with just one new sale?

I've routinely priced training programs at $4,995... $7,995... $12,777... because that was what a participant might earn from just one new transaction in their business.

But here's the best part about information products and this eager new market you're about to find: Whenever new customers buy products from you, it gets easier and easier to sell them additional products and services.

And if you can create a “continuity” – or ongoing subscription – program where you “rent” your expertise to others in your industry every month, your info-product becomes almost like owning real estate... with renters paying you month in and month out.

Virtually no other business activity I know of provides this kind of “annuity” income at margins of 75% or more!

Even Robert Kiyosaki – author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad – recommends intellectual properties with ongoing royalties as one of the four pillars of a wealthy investment empire.

Once You Master One Type of Product, You Can
Quickly Move to Making Money Elsewhere

That's the beauty of an information empire. You can produce the same material in different formats – because people like to learn in different ways. Many people are visual – they like to watch videos and to read.

Others are “auditory” – they buy audio CDs. Still others like experiential learning and do best attending live seminars.

Not only that, but you can apply the “Funnel Theory of Marketing” – bringing thousands of prospects into your universe, so you can continually sell them ever-more elaborate products at ever-increasing prices.

Along the way, you'll become a master info-marketer. You'll learn how to offer a simple teleseminar, ebook, newsletter or free workshop, then convert those participants and subscribers into buyers of high-priced multi-media packages, boot camps, coaching programs, private consulting and licensed business systems.

You'll learn how to offer an expensive seminar, then convert attendees into an ongoing subscription consulting program.

You'll even learn how to “bundle” products, services and training into packages buyers can't resist and will pay top-dollar for. This bundling formula alone has enabled me to quickly build robust profit centers for my clients and joint-venture partners almost overnight.

But, unfortunately, one very bad thing happens when you get good at making people money:

Tons of new people call and want you to do the same for them!

While normally this would be a good problem to have – in my case, over the past 16 years, my time has gotten so limited, there's really been no way to “monetize” these enthusiastic callers.

I haven't even been able to refer them out to someone, since virtually no one does exactly what I do. The only option for me was to turn these promising experts away. Until now...

I Was Turning Away So Much Business,
I Decided to Spill the Beans Instead!

I decided to write down all my formulas, describe all my systems, detail all my know-how – then help emerging experts turn what they know into valuable, profitable products.

I decided to reveal the 28 step-by-step marketing systems to use, the words to say, the joint venture partners to look for, the vendors to call... even the direct mail packages to write.

I decided to show any emerging expert how they can easily become the leading expert in their field through information-products marketing. I even decided to divulge how I locate markets who already want to spend big money with an expert who can solve their problems.

And when I was finished, people told me that the 166 pages I had written were nothing less than a primer on the business of the information-products business.

The truth is... lots of people can tell you how to write a book or create a tape set. Many more can show you how to become a speaker or get on the radio.

But I couldn't find any resource that walked you through the exact and highly-detailed business model for selling information products – including giving you the actual to-do list that helps turn expertise into valuable products, and products into thousands of dollars in easy revenue.

Not one!

How Experts Build Empires: The Proven System
Experts Use to Earn Millions from Information Products

This 166-page masterwork was written specifically to give you the road map – to “download” to you exactly what I would recommend if were able to help you and all the other entrepreneurs, authors, consultants and experts who contact me.

I wanted it to be as broad as possible. I wanted to give you the empire “mindset,” as well as the actual strategies to use. And I knew it had to be easy for everyone to understand and implement. Finally, I knew it had to include all 28 of the most powerful and effective marketing systems available to you.

What exactly will you know once you've downloaded and studied
this comprehensive marketing plan?

In Section One, I'll tell you how to develop your leading expert persona so you can appeal to the largest possible marketplace. You'll go through a simple four-step system I use with my own clients to determine not who they are – but who they should be in the marketplace!

You'll learn why the smartest celebrity experts also posture themselves as someone Corporate America can turn to for advice.

Not only that, but I reveal exactly how to find those prospective customers who have the most money to spend with you – and those who are the most likely to be your most eager buyers.

I teach you how to identify markets with problems you can solve. Then, I go one step further to help you determine what these folks already want to buy, and how you can mesh your expert persona with their needs to become the “go-to” expert they turn to – and spend money with – again and again.

And that's just in Section One!

In Section Two, the real fun begins. It's where I describe dozens of products you, too, could create and sell to the eager buyers and special markets you've already identified.

You'll learn what each product is, which components should be included, how to produce it as quickly as possible, how it can help you become the leading expert in your field, how to price it, package it, promote it, deliver it and more.

I'll teach you how to produce:

Publishing & Derivative Products

Best-selling books, special reports, audio-cassette and audio-CD programs, multi-media courses, video training programs, premium sales, mini-books, workbooks, subscription audio series, home-study courses and more.

Consulting & Coaching Programs

Subscription consulting empires, mentorship programs, telecoaching, apprenticeship programs, advisory client packages, business- and practice-building programs, train-the-trainer certification programs and more.

Seminars & Professional Speaking Engagements

Keynote speeches, new client acquisition, weekend boot camps, industry conventions, corporate training contracts, public seminar back-of-the-room sales, teleseminars, industry conferences, trade associations, and more.

Internet Products & Online Sales

E-books, e-newsletters, distance learning programs, joint ventures,
affiliate programs and more.

Syndicated Columns & Other News Features

Industry columns, feature articles, private-label press syndicate, radio and
television guest appearances.

Plus so many more!

In Section Three, you'll learn about all 28 of my proven marketing systems including how to use them to deliver your unique marketing message to as many buyers as possible.

I teach you about joint ventures, direct mail, radio, print advertising and charity tie-ins. I describe how to launch your own syndicated column, use teleseminars, hire commission-only sales reps, run two-step offers, upsell existing customers, speak for profit, generate leads, contract with distributors, exhibit at trade shows and so much more.

Finally, to make sure you know exactly what to do to get started, in Section Four, I've provided an easy-to-use template that helps you create your own detailed marketing task list.

Fill in the blanks, and you'll know exactly what to do every morning when you sit down to work on your publishing profit centers.

The Only Road Map of Its Kind for Your
One-of-a-Kind Information Empire

How Experts Build Empires is not only your own personal road map, it's the industry's only publication detailing how to turn expertise -- in any field -- into super-lucrative profit centers selling high priced information products, consulting, training, merchandise, speaking services and more.

Yet your cost is less than what you'd expect to pay for a brief report on just one of these dozens of topics.

What Have Others Have Done With the
Strategies I'm About to Send You?

“$105,000 In Six Weeks for Jack Canfield...”

“The first strategy Janet developed for me turned a $572 expenditure into $31,000 in just six hours. Her second turned $1,280 into $105,000 in just six weeks.

It's no wonder I've sought Janet's day-to-day expertise over the years... she makes me tons of money, she brings valuable new products and services to my customers, she enables me to do positive things for people — and she accomplishes it all with modest outlays, keen judgment and bullet-proof insight. I regularly recommend her to others.”

Jack Canfield

co-author of the New York Times #1 bestselling book series
Chicken Soup for the Soul® and America's foremost expert on
self-esteem in the workplace and classroom

Jack Canfield

“$100,000 From One Strategy for
Mark Victor Hansen”

"Janet Switzer is one of the best marketing minds on the planet with a unique talent for producing profits I can bank.

She's easily made me hundreds of thousands of dollars with her simple strategies, including one that makes me over $100,000 every time I use it.* She educates my staff on how to leverage these programs for even greater gains.

And I know she does the same for companies in all sorts of industries. She can do the same or more for you.”

Mark Victor Hansen

co-author of the New York Times #1 bestselling book series
Chicken Soup for the Soul® and the New York Times
bestseller The One Minute Millionaire

Mark Victor Hansen

“Jay Abraham Recommends With Confidence!”

“For nearly 12 years, Janet Switzer has worked directly or indirectly for my companies. From marketing development, core copywriting, re-packaging materials into new product offerings... she is highly capable, extremely dependable and conducts herself professionally and credibly.

A valuable resource... I recommend her with confidence.”

Jay Abraham

America's Legendary Marketing Guru and
Author of Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got

Jay Abraham

Were Typical Months!”

“ In reviewing the accounting records of a company I was involved with, I was amazed to see that a consultant named Janet Switzer had earned that company over a million dollars in just 42 weeks.

She turned a profit center that was hardly worth the effort into the most profitable division in the company. It immediately jumped from producing the company a few thousand dollars a month to producing serious cash flow.

$169,147... $122,138... $150,849 were typical months.* Not only were these impressive numbers, the market presence this success created allowed the company to become the industry leader in this arena.

No one in their industry had seen revenues anywhere near this high, and this company was doing it month after month! The whole strategy was brilliant, calculated, masterful and highly effective.

Simply amazing!

Retaining Janet Switzer, and trusting in her strategies, was unequivocally the best decision they had made in over a decade of doing business.”

Gary Handwerker

Officer, Handwerker Consulting.
Business Systems Specialists

Gary Handwerker

Bestselling Christian Author
“Heartily Recommends”!

“Janet Switzer is a wordsmith of exceptional talent and insight. She goes the extra mile to assure that people catch the essence of what you have to offer, and her words make them want it! I heartily recommend her to anyone.”

Laurie Beth Jones

Bestselling author of Jesus CEO and Jesus in Blue Jeans
and founder of Pathfinders consulting affiliates

Laurie Beth Jones

“She's the Genius of Choice for Smart Companies...”

“Janet Switzer is a highly sought-after direct marketing strategist and the copywriting genius of choice for lots of very smart companies across the country. She'll find a way to bring in the money when everyone else has failed... she understands budgets, risks, people and the bottom line. If you can get her to put you on her schedule, consider yourself lucky... but don't call her unless you're serious about making money.”

Macrae Ross

Macrae Ross & Company,
growth strategist, hard assets industry

Tony Robbins' Former V.P. Says,
“Her Programs Make Companies Tons of Money...”

“In a world that echoes with the dubious claims of thousands of so-called marketing experts, Janet Switzer doesn't just talk — she delivers. She's savvy, practical and reliable... and the profits she creates are nothing short of extraordinary.

Her programs make companies tons of money, while they leave business owners saying, “Why didn't I think of that?” She takes a little money, combines it with a lot of expertise and creates profits beyond your wildest dreams.”

Michael Hutchison

Former Vice-President of Sales & Marketing and
Developer of
Anthony Robbins' Mastery University,
Robbins Research International

“Her Marketing Radar Is Uncanny...”

“Even before my manuscript was complete, Mark Victor Hansen suggested I call Janet Switzer. It's been one of the best recommendations I've ever received.

Janet helped me with the final stages of my book including the backmatter, the cover copy and advance sales. She created my first one-sheet, helped me launch an ongoing coaching program, wrote my speaker's kit, created advertising, helped develop my premium booklets, wrote the materials to market my public seminars and more.

Over two days, Janet helped me design an eight-tape audio and workbook program that earns me as much as $25,000 in back-of-the-room sales at a single keynote.*

Janet's also put me in touch with vendors, booking agents, special sales pros, dealmakers, attorneys...every specialist any author could ever need.

Janet gives so much more than she gets from any relationship. With her help, I've sold more than 150,000 books. Now, I check with Janet before virtually every marketing activity I undertake. In fact, her marketing “radar” is uncanny.

Not only that, but Janet's also developed materials that have helped me raise tens of thousands of dollars for my charity of choice — Habitat for Humanity — making it possible for me to take entire teams to Nepal and Guatemala to build homes.

If Janet has the time to work with you, don't hesitate! You'll not only discover a great mentor, you'll meet a loyal and devoted friend.”

Cynthia Kersey

Popular keynote speaker and author of
Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women

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What You'll Know Once You Download
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You'll know how to write a book, create an audio CD training program, produce a video training product, offer a CD-of-the-month service and more.

You'll know how to create a multi-media product that could not only be your “flagship” product, it could serve as the advance resources materials for your more expensive live trainings and coaching programs. Of course, once you conduct any live training, you'll know how to create a home-study edition, related distance-learning courses, workbooks, audio spin-offs and more.

I'll show you how to rake in the big bucks offering super-lucrative products like coaching programs, train-the-trainer programs, big-crowd public seminars and others.

I'll even tell you step-by-step how to market mentorship courses and apprenticeship programs using email, joint ventures, magazines, direct mail, teleseminars, preview evenings and other unique marketing strategies that fill programs like these.

I'll tell you how to become a popular keynote or break-out speaker in your industry – even taking your expertise internationally to speak at important events in emerging countries.

I'll tell you what speaker's marketing materials you need to put together, how to speak successfully, how to sell your most expensive products and programs at the back of the room and more.

I'll even show you how to get highly coveted corporate training contracts for popular topics like sales training, customer service, general success, change management, presentation skills, management skills and more.

You'll even learn how to put a business or corporate spin on virtually everything you produce – even if it's a self-help product – since, historically, corporations will buy more often and pay more money for information if they believe it will be an investment in their business.

I'll detail the exact formula used by experts to develop and promote weekend “boot camps.” (I'll even teach you a nifty trick for “attaching” your boot camp to an industry event and marketing to folks who will be flying into town anyway.)

I'll reveal how to effectively “double” your hourly consulting rate by promoting half-price consultations and selling many more billable hours than you previously thought possible. (The key is to bundle your one-hour consultation with high-value bonuses that make your half-price consultation just another popular product in your menu of products and services.)

I'll reveal the secret to getting long-term consulting contracts and hefty retainers from companies who desperately need your knowledge and expertise. I'll show you how to determine what to charge, how to get testimonials from these clients, how to keep your focus in the right place and more.

I'll even tell you how to promote individual teleseminars or use them as the weekly or monthly delivery vehicle for your expensive long-term coaching program.

You'll know how to price these teleseminars... how to package them with other materials for extra value... why they're ideal for marketing and training purposes – plus so much more about this popular format.

You'll even know how to launch your own trade association for even more income and prestige in your marketplace. One client of mine launched his own association and made himself the Executive Director, earning a hefty “salary” from annual membership fees.

You'll understand why trade associations are big money earners – especially when you hold conventions, offer continuing-education courses, sponsor trade shows, maintain a bookstore, sell audio CDs and execute other revenue-producing tactics.

You'll know how to create a wildly profitable business-building or practice-building training program based upon your own successful business system.

This is the “motherlode” of information products because you can charge month-to-month for your peers to “rent” your expertise, materials and advice.

Not only that, but you can easily turn your subscribers into a lucrative distribution channel for your books, tapes, CDs, products and new customer kits, particularly if these items are just another part of replicating your successful business operation.

You'll even know how to write a book – including writing the kind of book proposal that makes New York publishers sit up and take notice.

You'll know how to market books using public relations, print media, paid display advertising, web marketing, direct mail, speaking engagements, corporate marketing partners, non-traditional outlets, special sales, retail placement, and other powerful strategies.

You'll learn how to create additional profit streams from your book in the form of mini-books, samplers, inserts, derivative products, retail merchandise and so much, much more.

When your time with How Experts Build Empires is through, you'll know a staggering amount of detail on product creation and delivery, plus you'll get my 28 time-tested marketing systems and an easy-to-follow template for creating your own marketing task list...

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Click here to immediately buy How Experts Build Empires at the rock-bottom price I have in mind.

But if you're wondering just how little you'll pay to get this 166-page masterplan for creating the kind of robust information empire most people only dream about, the answer is...

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You see, it's fairly common knowledge that – when I choose to consult to individuals – my consulting rate is $1000 an hour. Yet for everything I want to teach you... for everything I plan to help you accomplish in your career... for the complete road map to building an information empire of your own using the exact systems and strategies I've used with clients who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars – your price is about 1/10th of my hourly consultation rate:

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Why am I selling this plan so cheap? For one reason and one reason only. I will never be able to help the millions of people like you who have valuable information to share with others. There simply isn't that much time in my schedule.

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I believe there is so much knowledge to share. And I believe my mission is to expand knowledge in this world. I can only imagine the “riches” that will flow back to me once I help create this utopia of valuable information circling the globe.

My goal is to get this road map into your hands at a price that's reasonable and affordable – yet at a price that's substantial enough so that you'll respect and implement what you learn – so I can help millions more people than I am right now.

Your price is just $97 – a mere fraction of a fraction of what celebrity experts have paid me over the last 16 years for this same information. And a “drop in the bucket” compared to what a professional “marketer” might charge you for advice that isn't even as seasoned as the advice you'll get from reading How Experts Build Empires.

Think about it...

If You Hired an Ad Agency, Marketing Firm or
Publishing Consultant, You'd Pay Thousands of Dollars

And these “professionals” probably wouldn't even know how to execute half of the strategies in this plan, let alone advise you on your persona, what the market already wants to buy, the 28 marketing systems and creating your personal empire-building task list.

In fact, $97 would probably get you only about 29 minutes of their “consulting” time... with few (if any) real strategies explained or written down for you.

Of course, you could attend a workshop put on by one of the many publishing “consultants” out there, but how many of them would have developed, marketed and implemented even a FRACTION of the products, plans and marketing programming described in How Experts Build Empires?

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But be advised. While these strategies and techniques can work in many varied situations, the particular success you'll enjoy will depend on your own talents and resources and how you apply them, how persistent you are, your entrepreneurial instincts and your business abilities.

All I can do is provide you with the time-tested teachings, guidance and mentorship that has worked for my clients – and could work for you. The rest is up to you.

Just to be sure though, I want you to take your time reading through the plan. Take time to envision what your future would look like.

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But Wait! Just in Case You Need That Little Extra Nudge,
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How Experts Build Empires is already 166 pages, including the step-by-step template that helps you create your own task list. But just in case you need that little extra nudge...

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  • 17 strategies for filling any live seminar including many you can execute tomorrow...

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  • How to market training programs to large corporations including providing extra bells and whistles they'll pay for...

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  • How to develop a group training or study program you can license to these groups or provide for free in order to sell your other products and services.. Be sure to include these 7 important components...

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  • Two strategies for becoming a guest expert endorsed and promoted on someone else's teleseminar series. Provide information, get new subscribers, boost your reputation and sell your products in 60 minutes or less...

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  • The eight points of information you must include in any written sales letter promoting your subscription consulting program...

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You get the 23-page “First 90 Days As a Leading Expert” plan packed with all these strategies, techniques, methods and complete information product marketing systems fully detailed for you – PLUS the 166-page How Experts Build Empires road map for developing a robust and thriving info-products business...

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Janet Switzer

Co-Author of the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller The Success Principles and Creator of “How Experts Build Empires: The Proven System Experts Use to Earn Millions From Information Products

P.S. Just one more thing. It may be important to you. Recently, Randall Blaum called me to say he made a million dollars this year because of what he learned in How Experts Build Empires. Don't you deserve to earn seven figures or more from selling what you know how to do – to people who desperately need your expertise?

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