If you’ve ever wanted a world-class book marketer and publishing strategists to help you
 build your authoring career, this announcement will be good news…

The Publishing “Maverick” Behind Chicken Soup for the Soul®, Jack Canfield, The Success Principles, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Jay Abraham, and 28 Other U.S., International and New York Times Bestselling Authors, Will Go to Work Skyrocketing the Careers of Just 10 Emerging Authors.

Dear Author, Speaker and Trainer,

If you want to build your business, boost your star power, and grow your bank account, then I want to introduce you to the strategists who will work with you to help you accomplish more than you can imagine in your career.

Over the last 25 years, she’s worked with a team that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from books, licensing, speaking engagements, training events, co-branding, corporate training, digital products, online marketing initiatives, coaching programs, foreign-language rights, international distribution deals – and more – for some the world’s most renowned authors of our time.

These behind-the-scenes rainmaker can get a book published with a single phone call… put a marketing campaign together in less than 24 hours… secure a distributor with just an email… and recruit dozens of endorsers, affiliates, and joint-venture partners for virtually anything they want to sell – then repeat those tactics to insure rapid results for any new business venture, book release, or training program imaginable.

The revenue they’ve been able to generate with their strategies is enormous. Just one book they wrote and marketed, for instance, landed a multi-million-dollar advance from one of New York’s “Big 6” publishers and went on to generate over $41 million in spin-off revenue.

And that was just ONE book.

Her lucky clients and business partners – whose content and products are popular around the world – enjoy sales of books, training programs and packaged knowledge products in 49 languages and 112 countries through trade channels, distributors, and retail outlets any author would envy. In fact, this “behind-the-scenes” publishing professional has the industry’s most-coveted Rolodex of dealmakers, licensing partners, channel partners, publishers, and rainmakers – many of whom they enjoy decades-long relationships with.

Interestingly, this business-building genius is not “famous” herself – and you’ll rarely see her in the press. She is far too busy running things in the background to be accessible to the tens of thousands of authors who could benefit from her advice.

Could your book become the next Chicken Soup for the Soul? Could you be the next Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, or other motivational speaker with stadium-size audiences? Could your bricks-and-mortar business become the next industry leader because you became a highly regarded author, speaker, or coach to your peers?

All these outcomes are possible.

The person I want you to meet is Jack Canfield’s coauthor on his bestselling book series, The Success Principles-and a force of nature whom dozens of top authors and trainers have trusted to build their businesses…

Meet Janet Switzer:

The Marketing and Product-Development Genius Behind Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Jay Abraham and 24 Other New York Times Bestselling Authors

You’ve seen so many of her clients in print, on television and speaking on the platform, it might astound you to learn that Janet Switzer has been the common thread and secret weapon behind an entire generation of beloved authors and celebrity experts.

Since 1989, her consulting firm has advised 24 New York Times bestselling authors — contributing strategy, marketing campaigns and brand development to more than 75 New York Times bestselling books. As well, she’s worked with numerous Asia-Pacific billionaires, one reigning monarch and over 5,000 niche-market experts in dozens of diverse industries.

For the past 30 years, Janet has been at the forefront of helping authors, speakers, trainers and industry experts grow wildly successful businesses around their authoring careers and niche-market expertise.

She’s not only built product empires spanning hundreds of specialty titles for recognized authors and experts, she has engineered countless information-marketing campaigns and generated millions of dollars in the process.

Since 1993, she’s been the marketing and revenue strategist behind Jack Canfield’s books, catalog products, seminars, luxury retreats, home-study courses, online trainings, and speaking career. For 15 of those years (until the brand was sold in 2008) she was the marketing strategist behind Chicken Soup for the Soul—including media campaigns, book promotions, direct-mail campaigns and specialty market campaigns, not only for the blockbuster book series itself…but also for its many New York Times and international bestselling coauthors.

Before she met Jack Canfield in 1993, she spent four years building business guru Jay Abraham’s publishing division from seven titles to more than 320 titles for both the general business market and specialty professional markets. She developed an entire catalog operation—including training her own national telemarketing sales force offering books and multi-media products priced from $49 to $5,000.

Janet was also instrumental in launching a multi-million dollar seminar division for Jay, including developing seminar curriculum materials and coordinating marketing programming for seminars priced from $5,000 to $25,000. She even marketed the industry’s first “mentorship” program—a term coined by Mr. Abraham—priced at $15,000 in 1990…an astronomical sum for group coaching in those days.

After meeting Jack in 1993—and beginning work on Chicken Soup for the Soul and Jack Canfield’s career—Janet emerged as a successful independent consultant and the “secret weapon” behind dozens of bestselling authors and industry experts.

Some were quickly becoming America’s newest media personalities with regular TV talk-show appearances and growing careers as authors. Others she identified and brought from obscurity to international renown and the world stage.

For a self-published author in the alternative health care market, for example, Janet developed a seminar division, a subscription consulting program, consumer advertising campaigns and a brand licensing program that generated more than $1,000,000 in its first year. She also developed an international distributor network for the previously unknown author’s books and audio training programs, including selling distribution rights to an investor consortium who later franchised retail-style health clinics around the brand.

Over the years, her high-profile clients have included celebrity speaker Les Brown, Thank God It’s Monday author Roxanne Emmerich, The Automatic Millionaire author David Bach, Chicken Soup for the Soul coauthor Mark Victor Hansen, and Thought Field Therapy (tapping) originator Dr. Roger Callahan, among many others.

She’s even coauthored books like Abundance Now with The Secret co-star and self-help phenomenon Lisa Nichols… and Oola for Women with “The Oola Guys” Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl.  

But beyond writing and marketing mainstream books, Janet’s real forté is creating “beyond-the-book” revenue for authors—particularly in specialty markets. She’s developed radio-syndication campaigns, train-the-trainer programs, coaching programs, home-study courses and 40+ other revenue streams for clients like Christian author Laurie Beth Jones (Jesus CEO, Jesus in Blue Jeans and The Path); Internet marketing guru Yanik Silver; philanthropist Cynthia Kersey (Unstoppable Women); The E-Myth Financial Advisor coauthor Michael Steranka; among so many others.

She specializes in developing entire knowledge-product businesses around an author’s expertise and unique market posture.

But by far Janet’s most notable collaboration has been as Jack Canfield’s coauthor on The Success Principles book series, training programs and more. Over the past 12 years, their book has become a success classic that’s reached a pinnacle few other titles can boast. It was named the #1 Book for Managers, Leaders & Humans by Noop Research, winning the top spot over 99 other business classics including The One Minute Manager, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Good to Great, and The Long Tail. It’s also remained the backbone of The Canfield Training Group’s product offerings for over a decade.

In the last 13 years, Jack, Janet and The Success Principles have amassed readers in 36 languages and 112 countries… developed over 2,000,000 social-media followers… launched thousands of Success Principles trainers in 100 countries… and amassed coaching clients, event attendees and product buyers on five continents.

Janet’s personal track record in this industry over the last 30 years has turned her into America’s top advisor to anyone who could benefit from being published and publicized.

That means entrepreneurs, consultants, sales professionals, professional practitioners, specialty businesses, senior executives and others can add an authoring career, speaking schedule, coaching services, packaged products and consulting to their day-to-day work—creating not only leading-authority status in their industry, but a healthy side income, too.

(Janet’s written a series of special reports about this strategy, starting with how to earn $500 to $1,000 per hour for your consulting time. Opt-in here and join people in over 80 countries who are readers and followers of Janet’s formula.)

Janet’s also developed her OWN product line in the general small-business category—based on her #1 bestselling book, Instant Income—so she’s advised businesses in dozens of diverse industries and in virtually every business category including hi-tech, manufacturing, retail, service businesses, dealer-distributors, professional practices, consulting firms and more. When she’s not working with authors, she’s teaching business owners how to leverage their products, services, inventory, expertise, distribution channels, Internet presence, intangibles and other assets for countless millions in potential revenue.

Janet can help your authoring career grow by leaps and bounds.

While you do have to qualify, be assured that Janet knows what potential looks like. She is not so interested in your book’s topic, your personal story or your “reach” in the marketplace as they are in the size of your potential as a bestselling author.

Do you have a passion for your topic? Are you interested in doing your career your way? Are there enough people who can use your wisdom and advice? Janet will assess all these attributes in determining whether they’re a good fit to help you—and whether you’d be a good client fit for her consultation process.

Your Journey Can Also Include a Strategic Planning Session in Nashville, TN

Creating the kind of meteoric authoring career you want requires planning—not luck. That’s why  Janet want to meet with you in person to completely strategize a comprehensive plan for you.

She’ll detail the exact steps you need to achieve YOUR goals for your business, authoring career, training company or media empire.  By the time she’s through, you’ll have a fully developed road map for building your career or business in a way that makes sense and plays on your unique strengths—posturing you as someone uniquely different and as someone the market needs to listen to.

Of course, your time together won’t just begin in Nashville. Before you ever meet, Janet will review your business or background expertise, your website, your industry, your products—even any existing contracts if you like.  She’ll formulate a marketing checklist, research potential joint-venture partners, plan marketing campaigns…

And only then will you meet in person—getting ready to “go big” in this industry.

If you’ve ever paid for a “consultation” with an expensive lawyer, financial planner or other professional, this time with Janet will be different from anything you’ve experienced before.  For one thing, she’ll learn all about you in advance via a focused questionnaire and assessment guide we’ll send you.  After reviewing it, she’ll take the time to “work on your business” before determining a recommended plan.

Once you’re together, they’ll brainstorm “killer” marketing copy, suggest upgrades to your web marketing systems, point you to vendors who can help, plus so much more. She’ll record the session for you so that every headline, copy point, sales script, negotiating technique or other recommendation is captured for your future reference.

Are You Ready to Invest in Your Career?

Only a handful of client openings are available.   If you’d like to be considered for one of just 10 advisory client openings, which includes the questionnaire and assessment tool, Janet’s personal advance-planning focus, on-site meeting—plus important follow-up documents, samples and contacts —email Janet at clientservices@janetswitzer.com

The price is literally a fraction of the $45,000 you’d normally invest to work with this Janet collectively.  And it’s far less than the $7,000-$8,000 a month you’d spend on an ad agency, branding company, marketing firm or other “specialist” who doesn’t have 1/10th of the expertise the Team does in this industry. (More about pricing, however, in just a moment.)

Become an Advisory Client Today

What will you know by the time your strategic planning session is over?

You’ll know exactly which markets to pursue in building your business. We will identify which consumers, end users, joint-venture partners, media outlets, endorsers, corporations, trade associations and others to approach in securing distribution for your work. While “everyone” might be able to use your material and insights, everyone is not the most logical BUYER of your products and services.

Janet knows exactly where you should focus—because they know these markets thoroughly.  She has helped authors, trainers, coaches and consultants leverage products, services, inventory, expertise, distribution channels, Internet presence, intangibles and other assets for countless millions in potential revenue. . .all this in geographic markets stretching from the United States to China to the United Kingdom.

You’ll be given the positioning, posture and marketing message these categories will say “yes” to.

What’s So Important About Making Certain Your Positioning and Messaging Is Correct?

For one thing, it can lead to some extremely important strategic alliances that would otherwise take years to secure. Here’s a fact: it’s not difficult to get into relationship with third parties when you begin the conversation by explaining “what’s in it for them.”

For example, a primary driver for trade associations is making “off budget revenue”: money they didn’t plan for and don’t have to do anything to bring in. If you have a way to present a training program for their members at the next convention, and offer to split the tuition fees with the association giving them off-budget revenue, they’ll be more apt to say “yes” to your idea.

Then, back up that new joint-venture relationship with superior marketing of your program (which the Team can define for you), and your training program could become so successful that you convert that success into a “resident expert” relationship with the association for future trainings and exposure.

See how building a major market presence for your expertise works? You could even sell your training system to the association or a major corporation — as one of Janet’s clients did recently in the financial services industry.

Of course, beyond just identifying markets and messaging for you, the Team will also help you identify an entire line of “beyond the book” products so you can expand your ability to transform your customers’ lives and earn many times what your book alone will earn.

It’s no secret that book royalties alone don’t make authors rich. In fact, Guerilla Marketing book series originator Jay Conrad Levinson once said,

Someone once asked me how much I made for my first ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ book.   The answer I gave was $10 million.  The book itself only paid me about $35,000 in royalties, but the speaking engagements, spinoff books, newsletters, columns, boot camps, consulting, and wide open doors resulted in the remaining $9,965,000.

Jay Conrad Levinson
Founder of the best-selling Guerrilla Marketing
series of books and information products

To secure your place as one of the Dream Team’s exclusive advisory clients, Email Janet at clientservices@janetswitzer.com

Cut Years Off the Learning Curve and Minimize Your “Time to Market”

Information, ideas and market acceptance can change rapidly. Not only do you need to be nimble in bringing your products, services, books, and media presence to market, you also need to constantly reinvent yourself with new expertise and new offerings for your readers.

Whether you’re self-published, a seasoned author, or just starting out as an author, it’s virtually impossible to know everything about publishing, marketing, product development, and distribution—let alone meet all the people you need to know to advance your message at today’s rate of change.

That’s where an advisory-client relationship like this can help. Janet Switzer will help you cut down on the learning curve and shorten the time required to bring your book, your products and yourself to market.

Again, the cost to work Janet is less than you’d pay an ad agency, PR firm, marketing team, or most “mastermind” programs to stick with you over eight months’ time as you build your business. And those firms don’t know what Janet Switzer has learned, marketed, and produced over the past 30 years in this industry.

Finally, when you work with a veteran expert at this level, you’re not taking chances that you’ll be disappointed by the outcome.

Janet Will Be Focusing on Just 10 Authors.

Will One of Them Be You?

To secure your place as one of the Dream Team’s exclusive advisory clients, email Janet at clientservices@janetswitzer.com

Just 10 authors will get this opportunity. Will one of them be you?